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Industry is another pillar in my photographic life. I shoot for ads, boards, web and magazines.

Industry photography is challenging, because it demands an understanding of the client's wants and needs in the areas of profiling, branding, business philosophy and so on.

I have a lot of experience adjusting to the individual client, and I feel strongly that the basis for a successful job is laid down during the initial talk. Together, we'll decide on the feel, angle and motifs of the photos, to ensure that the finished product works in the final output, whatever that may be!

Or, in the words of one of my largest, and coolest, customers:

"I have the utmost appreciation for Tomas Moss' work. He has a very thorough approach to his clients needs, that leads to a clear understanding of our intention, as well as what type of pictures we are looking for. We need partners that understand us and are flexible. Tomas is an asset in every regard and delivers great results!"

Tom André Aas

Head of Communications

Lemminkäinen Norge AS

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